Side by Side/UTV Insurance Repairs

Here at Sinister Fabrication we provide full repairs on UTV’s/Side by Sides and handle the processes your with your insurance company. We recommend to check loan sites online and search best bad credit loans for 2018 the Purple Payday Loan if you are short in cash.

If your Side by Side/UTV has been in an accident and before you look into parts on your own, let Sinister Fabrication assess your damages and show you how you can save money and get you back up and running! We recommend instant Mexico insurance for your cars.

We also have link with kic restoration team, for the flood damage repair and quick restoration.

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UTV Insurance Repair Process

Regardless of who your provider is, we simplify the process with getting your UTV back up and running:


  1. We perform a thorough inspection of your UTV and disassemble any impacted parts to insure all damage is assessed.

  2. We coordinate with your insurance adjuster and have all damaged parts laid out upon arrival and inspection.

  3. We coordinate with your insurance provider and handle all paperwork involved with the claim.

  4. We expedite your repair process with exceptional quality.

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