Custom Side by Side UTV Cages

Our Custom Side by Side UTV Cages are not your run of the mill cages; each of our Custom Side by Side UTV Cages are not only designed for any terrain but also complies with insurance regulations for production and distribution and meets or exceeds AISI Standards.



All Custom Side by Side UTV Cages we build uses AISI 4130 1-3/4x.095 tubing for all of the main structure all notches are jig cut to ensure proper fitment before being welded by our professional team of fabricators using the proper wire and heat levels to ensure maximum penetration and strength of weld. We do not sacrifice safety when it comes to the metal we are going to use in a cage.  4130 has been proven to be not only lighter but stronger than the standard D.O.M and mild steel, at Sinister Fabrication and Design this is the only metal we will use in your cage.


Triangulated design

We have spent quite some time in the off-road industry and have seen every type of cage out there from the square box to the fast back design.  Most of which have been designed to be duplicated on a rapid basis.  We have looked more heavily at the race cage which in design are built to protect and not to be made in a rapid cookie cutter design.  All angles have been triangulated to the rest of the cage to transfer energy to other areas away from the impact area.  We believe heavily in the triangulation of our cages and insist that you keep with that design when we make your custom cage.


Roof bracing

Here at Sinister Fabrication our Custom Side by Side UTV Cages are designed with a central brace down the middle of the cage, allowing strength to the center of the cage where it can be its weakest point.


Extensive Bracing

We have added several braces to our Custom Side by Side UTV Cages which to the normal eye would be interpreted as a handle or something for just convenience when in fact it has a very specific purpose.  Our cages have plenty of braces installed in all the right areas to keep the triangulation effect going.


Front intrusion bars

The “V” bar in the front and rear windshield areas as some people like to call them serves several purposes, driver and passenger safety is first in mind.  These bars can keep larger objects from entering the windshield area and hitting someone inside and most importantly they create strength from the center spine of the car back down the mounting locations of the cage creating a safer design. Do not let finances stop you from getting our top of the line products visit no refusal payday loans for assistance.